Patty wouters is willing to give lectures and teach workshops about the following subjects:


  1. Travelling experiences in Rwanda, Ethiopia, China, Japan, Korea and the ceramics in these countries
  2. Artist-in-Residencies: where and how to apply
  3. Primitive firing techniques like: paper kiln, firing in an open fire with images from Africa, India, …
  4. An overview of her own ceramic work

Primitive Firing Techniques:

  1. Constructing + firing a paperkiln
  2. Building + firing a “field-kiln”
  3. Pitfiring
  4. Saggar firing
  5. Sawdust-firing 
  6. General Smoke-firing techniques
  7. The influences of soluble salts and sulphates in these firing methods

Workshops about:

  1. Throwing porcelain
  2. How to burnish pots on the wheel
  3. Terra sigillata
  4. Paper-clay

A combination of several subjects can be handled during one workshop.