Rocking Antenna-Box

The symbolic ideas which are connected with most of my work can also be remarked in this vessel. The little porcelain sheet in the lid holder has waves which seem to vibrate when you hold it to the light. The graphical lines stand for communication-waves or good vibrations which are send around the world by rocking the pot.
This work was commissioned by the Publishing Company Wolters-Kluwer

In this ceramic work – as in most of my work - many contrasts can be found:
- in colour: the white porcelain sheet versus the colourful vessel
- in shape: the rectangular lidholder versus the convex belly of the vessel
- in surface: the smooth and soft skin of the vessel versus the unburnished and rather rough-feeling lid.

These contrasts refer to contrasts in nature, in human beings , in society, …

While I was making these vessels, I reminded my trip through Ladakh, the North of India where a lot of Tibetan Monasteries and communities are. The Tibetan monks  write their prayers and good wishes in their beautiful calligraphy on white, almost transparent fabric. These are hanging outside of the monasteries and houses. The Tibetan Buddhists believe that the wind takes the prayers and good wishes around the world.

Technical information:

The vessel is thrown in porcelain and bisquefired at 1080 °C. Afterwards it has been soaked in Ironsulphate in order to obtain earth-colours. A final firing was done in a saggar, surrounded by all kinds of combustable materials.

The porcelain sheet in the lid has been slibcasted and carved, fired at 1260 °C.

Rocking antenna-box - 1 Rocking antenna-box - 2 Rocking antenna-box - 3 Rocking antenna-box - 4

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