Moving Vibrations

Here, the dish gets a different function: instead of holding food it is holding an image, a porcelain sheet with circles. The circle is standing for cycle of life. Because of the translucency the circles seems to vibrate, there is an interaction between the several circles.

Size: H: 15 cm, W: 35 cm, diameter: 25 cm

Technique: porselain sheet is slibcasted and high fired (1280°C). The bowl is thrown, burnished and treated with terra sigillata, saggarfired.

Connecting Waves

The graphical and wavy texture on the transparent porcelain rectangles seem to tremble between the two objects. This work refers to relationships and their mutual communication.
The porcelain sheets seem very fragile but at the same time as sharp as a knife. They cut the bowls in two parts.
There is a big contrast in colour, form and material.

Moving Circles

This installation is now a part of the permanent collection of the Ceramic Museum in Manises (Valencia), Spain.

In 1998 it was recognised with the Bancianxa Prize at the European Ceramic Biennal in Manises, Spain.

Blue Connection

The theme of this piece is the frail alliance which sometimes can be a bit blue.

Size: H: 20 cm, D: 10 cm, W: 30 cm

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